About Us

Learn more about the company and the team behind it.

Our Mission

Our goal is to centralize all aspects of the job search around the priorities of job seekers, returning power to their hands, and empowering them to get hired more efficiently.

Whether you're early in your career, employed and looking to change industries, or are unemployed and urgently looking for your next position, Sonara is for you.

We'll do the heavy lifting, finding relevant roles and filling out applications, while you focus on what really matters.

However you choose to spend your time - preparing for interviews, networking, or simply taking a break from the stress, you can relax knowing Sonara has your back.

Meet the team behind Sonara

Victor Schwartz


Talha Koc

Research Scientist

Ana Prado

Operations Manager

Brendan Campbell

Software Engineer

Emily Berk

Marketing Manager

Our Advisory Board members

Jonah Levey

CEO @VietnamWorks, top 10 largest Job Boards in Asia

Conway Chen

VP of BD @Matterport, Fmr Sr. Director of BD @LinkedIn, Google

Bill Schmitt

Fmr CRO @TempAutomation, Levl, & SVP of BD @Matterport

Whitney Kotlewski

Director of Design @Matterport

Marcelo Ferreira

Managing Director @RedBull Bragantino, Fmr CEO of Adidas, Under Armour

Returning power to job seekers

The current world of hiring has been built around helping companies find people, not helping people find jobs.

We’re building a world where the job seeker is in full control and where the job search starts with responding to interview requests in your inbox, not with filling out the same questions hundreds of times.